PCB express

PCB express

The PCB express service for 2-layer printed circuit boards starts, depending on the capacities, at 6 hours production time, including solder mask.

The following parameter are critical to the PCB LeitOn express production:

  • Number of drills. The more drills on the PCB, the more the time is needed. Drills bigger than 0,6mm allow drilling more boards in one package. This saves time. Another critical parameter is the number of different drill sizes. Depending on the machine, changing a tool including measuring the position again can take some time.
  • The PCB surface finish should be HAL lead-free if possible. Immersion processes used for it, or gold, need additional time.
  • Outline routing and inner routing should be able to be produced with a 2mm tool. Smaller tools move a lot slower - a real time factor in PCB LeitOn express production.
  • The quantity of PCBs is critical for the feasibility of a 6 hours express service. Please ask for free capacities in our production.
  • The PCB layout should pass all design rule checks (DRC) right away and should be perfectly prepared for production. Only then, the PCB files can be prepared quickly for machine setup and the express production of your PCBs can start immediately.

Reliability from Berlin! We are faster and cheaper - Ask for our PCB LeitOn express for plated Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

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