PCB supplier

PCB supplier

LeitOn is your PCB supplier for fast quick-tunr express and sophisticated PCBs in all quantities.

In Berlin, Germany we produce printed circuits up to 24 layers in highest quality. With around 30 employess we manufacture your prototype PCBs starting at 4 hours production time in our PCB express quick-turn service. We are fast and have the reputation of a reliable high quality PCB supplier of prototypes. Thanks to the latest high-tech machinery we are able to fulfil special requirements that exceed standard PCB production.

For PCB mass production we have our own branch in Hong Kong and in China with our local engineers who are working for your competitive advantage. We do not simply trade PCBs but we coordinate, control, test and ship the mass prodcution PCBs with our own staff. You can have a direct influence on PCB mass production through us. LeitOn is your PCB supplier and your advantage.

Produktion Deutschland

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LeitOn Leiterplattenproduktion Berlin

LeitOn GmbH, Wolframstraße 96, 12105 Berlin - Deutschland
+49 (0)30 701 73 49 0
Registered Court:
HRB 94175 B, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

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