Prototypes (greek: "antetype") refer to samples for the initial functional testing of circuit boards.

These PCBs are often needed within a shorter time period, since further developement of the prototypes many otherwise take a long time and delay the following serial production. Similar to large volume production, prototypes can be produced in a wide range of varitations.

However, it should be noted that additional costs may be encountered for special production such as different-coloured materials, vanishes or different surfaces. These may not be necessary for the actual functionalality test of the prototypes and can be partially rationalized.

As a specialist for express circuit boards LeitOn offers you production of PCB prototyes starting at 2 hours!

The following prototype services are available:

  • 1-layer prototype starting at 4 hours
  • 2-layer prototype starting at 6 hours
  • 4-layer prototype starting at 12 hours
  • 6-layer prototype starting at 12 hours
  • 8-layer prototype starting at 12 hours
  • 10-layer prototype starting at 20 hours
  • 12-layer prototype starting at 20 hours
  • 14-layer prototype starting at 20 hours

Please note that these are the fastest possible times and require perfect layout files and do not allow any additional options.

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