Printed Circuit Board production (PCB production)

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The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production requires many different steps in fields of mechanical, photo sensitive, galvanic and chemical processes. The complete process of printed circuit board production (PCB production) for a double layer PCB is as follows: (For detailed information of each process please click on the links)

Proccesses of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production:

  1. Incoming order
  2. Data inspection
  3. Files okay?
  4. Call back customer
  5. CAM preparation
  6. Prepare operation chart
  7. Plot films
  8. >2 layers
  9. Cut (stacking)
  10. Drill
  11. Deburring (scrubbing)
  12. Laminate photo resist
  13. Laminate etch resist
  14. Etching
  15. Strip etch resist
  16. Inspection
  17. Solder mask
  18. Surface finishing
  19. Silk print
  20. Produce screen for silk print
  21. Print silk print
  22. Electrical test
  23. Okay
  24. Final routing
  25. Final inspection
  26. Dissapprove
  27. Packing/shipment
  28. Inner layers
  29. Inner layer inspection
  30. Activate surface
  31. Multilayer lamination
  32. Etch back epoxy resin and desmear
  33. Through hole plating (THP)
  34. Copper build-up

Visit our FAQ or contact us with your questions about PCB production.

The processes in printed circuit board production (PCB production) can be divided into further processes. The industrial PCB production of a simple double layer PCB amounts to around 100 single steps.

A simplified process chart about PCB production, you can find here:


You can download the flowchart of the PCB production process as a *.PDF document.

PCB production process(3878,69 KB, PDF)PDF3879 KB Download
Flowchart of the production process(256,48 KB, PDF)PDF256 KB Download

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