A PCB mainly has two purposes:

  1. A PCB connects electronic components with each other
  2. A PCB is the physical carrier for electronic components

A PCB can be produced in plenty of variations. Significant parameters are mainly the PCB size, PCB thickness, number of layers, surface finishing of the PCB, special mechanical processes, prints, colours and special PCB base materials.

Your advantage with our PCBs:

  • Online calculation for PCBs (1-layer PCB up to 14-layers multilayer PCB)
  • Online calculation for flexible printed circuits
  • Online calculation for aluminium-IMS-PCBs
  • Online calculation for Rogers-HF-PCBs
  • Calculate, download and print quotations by yourself whenever you like
  • Calculate and order PCBs online 24/7
  • PCB tooling setup costs included
  • Film costs included
  • Unlimited number of drills (minimum 0,3mm finished after PCB plating)
  • Solder mask (optional)
  • Silk print (optional)
  • RoHS-compliant PCB materials and surface finishing
  • Electrical tests (E-test for PCBs with 2-layers up  included)
  • Discounts for repeat orders
  • Up to 24-layer multilayer PCBs
  • Special colour prints
  • Special PCB base materials like polyimide, Rogers, Isola, Neltec and others
  • Special surface finishing
  • PCB express service starting at 4 hours production time!

As a professional supplier of PCBs , we are eager to help you to specify the suitable parameters for your PCB. For PCB prototype production up to serial manufacturing we are your reliable low-cost partner.

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