PCB LeitOn Express Service

PCB LeitOn Express Service

On time or for FREE!!! - Your lead time guarantee* for Printed Circuit Boards - PCB LeitOn Express Service!

You purchase an Express Service from LeitOn and we will take care of the on time production of your high quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

Calculate and order til 06:30am online. Please leave a telephone number in case of call backs.

By E-Mail:
Please give notice of your PCB LeitOn Express Service the day before til 5pm by calling +49 (0)30 - 701 73 49 - 0. Then you can send the PCB production files til 6:30am the following day by E-Mail.

  • 12 hours Service for 1- and 2-layer Printed Circuit Boards
  • 2 Working days PCB LeitOn Express Production of 1- and 2-layer PCBs
  • 2 and 3 workig days of Multilayer PCB LeitOn Express Service.

Note: Some special technologies or options may make "On time or for FREE" unavailable. Whenever "On time or for FREE" is available, you will see this icon clearly next to the calculalted price.

Note: This option is temporarily suspended due to Corona.

  • Starting from 12 hours PCB production for 1- and 2-layer Printed Circuit Boards to Aluminium-IMS-PCBs
  • Starting from 2 working days multilayer PCB production for 4- to 8-layer multilayers
  • 0,2mm drills / unlimitied PTH
  • 6mit to 4mil
  • Immersion tin or HAL lead free
  • Any material thickness, starting from 0,3mm FR4
  • 35µm or 70µm copper thickness
  • Special materials on enquiry (Rogers, hich-TG, copper-core or high-copper PCBs)
  • Electrical Test (for 2-layer PCB and multilayer always included)
  • Any solder mask colour
  • Panel production according to drawing
  • Any outline shape (smallest routing tool 0,7mm)
  • Edge plating
  • Design Rules Check included
  • Silk print white (from 2WD, within 12h not possible)
  • UPS Express Plus (120,- € netto)
    next day til 9:00am*
  • UPS Express (22,- € netto)
    next day til 10:30am*
  • Courier Berlin/BrB for Berlin and surrounding area we alternatively offer courier services.* Please contact us for details.
  • Courier rest of Germany and Europe for urgent deliveries farther away we work with a specialized courier service that delivers the PCBs late at night or over-night by train or airplane as well.* Please contact us for details.

*LeitOn does not take over any liability for the on time delivery of the Printed Circuit Boads by UPS and courier services. LeitOn's service is fulfilled, when the PCBs were handed over to the shipment company on the expected shipment date.

* Your lead time guarantee: If we do not ship your PCB LeitOn Express Service out on time, you will receive the Printed Circuit Boards for FREE!!!

Your direct way:
+49 (0)30 701 73 49 0


LeitOn Leiterplattenproduktion Berlin

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+49 (0)30 701 73 49 0
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