Climate-neutral circuit boards through compensation

LeitOn becomes climate neutral - since 2021 we have been offsetting the CO2 emissions of all printed circuit boards we supply. This includes not only the electricity consumption, but also the CO2 emissions of the necessary raw materials such as copper, epoxy and fiberglass. Of course, transport should not be forgotten either. Here even the CO2 emissions of the deliveries from Asia and to you are compensated - whether by air, by train or by sea freight.

The environment is very important to all of us. So we decided to act. The manufacture of printed circuit boards not only requires a number of materials, it is also energy hungry. In addition, circuit boards are heavy and sometimes have long transport routes to get to you. All of this creates harmful CO2. It is not possible to directly prevent these CO2 emissions in printed circuit board production. Therefore, the CO2 emissions caused are determined in detail by LeitOn and neutralized in the balance sheet through a compensation donation.

Another advantage for your own climate-neutral further processing is that you can use the LeitOn circuit boards in your balance sheet with 0t CO2 emission, as we have already compensated for this.

The following factors, among others, are taken into account when determining CO2 emissions:

  • Electricity consumption for the production of printed circuit boards in the respective production facilities
  • Transport emissions from production facilities to us in Berlin - also from Asia
  • Production of the base materials: epoxy, fiberglass, copper, aluminum, polyimide
  • Transport route to you, the end customer 
  • Electricity and heating at the Berlin location
  • Employee travels to work places
  • All business travel

An expansion of the resulting CO2 emissions in other areas of the supply chain, as well as for disposal, are planned.

The numbers at a glance

PCB manufacturing
Transport to Berlin
Direct and indirect emissions from offices (electricity, heating, etc.)
Workers commute
Others (business trips, transport to the end customer, waste in the office, etc.)

Aufforstung über PRIMAKLIMA

The resulting CO2 emissions are offset in the balance sheet via PRIMAKLIMA ( by supporting reforestation projects.

PRIMAKLIMA is one of the most recognized organizations for offsetting CO2 emissions. Since 1991 PRIMAKLIMA has enabled reforestation- worldwide. The newspaper Finanztest gave the overall rating VERY GOOD (1.5) in the test 03/2018 PRIMAKLIMA

Test 03/2018 durch "Finanztest" - PRIMAKLIMA

Quality judgement: VERY GOOD (1,5)
Quality of compensation: VERY GOOD  (1,5)
Transparenyc: VERGY GOOD (0,5)
Management and control: VERY GOOD (0,5)

You can find the complete test on "Stiftung Warentest"

The Kibale National Park in Ugandc

We are currently supporting a project to reforest rainforest areas in the Kibale National Park in Uganda. In addition to binding CO2, reforestation with native plants ensures a return of rainforest vegetation and the associated increase in biodiversity. The care and protection of the rainforest in the project area also provides various training and work opportunities in the forest sector, which offer important, alternative income opportunities. The implemented measures create further synergies, such as a growing number of providers of eco-tourism in the region, which in turn increases the acceptance of the protection of the rainforest and the income in the region over the long term.

In addition to the world's largest chimpanzee population, a dozen other primate species find protection in the Kibale National Park. African elephants, various wild cats and 370 counted bird species also live in the project area. An unbelievable 350 different tree species have been identified in the mixed forest.

Helfen Sie mit

You too can support environmental projects around the world with printed circuit boards from LeitOn.
If you are interested in actively compensating for your CO2 emissions,  contact us so we can share our experience and help you.

Because the climate concerns us all. 

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